Warehousing and storage

What would constitute the perfect move? You will know about the relocation months prior to it, you will be able to schedule everything accordingly, even your packing will be done properly. You won’t have to waste much time in researching moving companies and you will have the best possible date for the move. The price you’ll pay will be minimal and the quality of service – the highest possible.

But this world is far from perfect, and this applies to moving as well. Too often you just can’t schedule everything the way you would want it to. And one of the worst-case scenarios is when you have to move out of your place by a given date, but not having the new place vacated by then.


We from H2H Packers and Movers Chicago know that too often people can’t schedule their moves perfectly. Or sometimes they are moving from a huge place to a smaller apartment, and have a lot of items and furniture that just won’t fit in there. This is why we provide the option to use our storage facilities for your warehousing needs.

Our rates are excellent and you can be free to arrange your move the way you want it. You don’t have to be in a rush or to worry about where you can put your items for the time being. Everything you may need is provided by us.


If you hire us for the move, we can also arrange to take your items to our storage facility. Our professionals will come and do all the sorting necessary and they may even help you in throwing out items you no longer need, or ones you won’t be taking with you. If you have big furniture that requires disassembling, the works of H2H Packers and Movers Chicago can handle that as well.

Our services are as extensive as you want them to be. Do you need is to bring high grade packing supplies? We can do that. For example, the special moving boxes we offer come in different sizes, and are much sturdier than your regular cardboard box. We can also provide a box for a big flat screen TV, so it can be kept safe during the entire move. All the additional supplies, such as bubble wrap, stretch wrap and tape can also the provided by us.

We are here to help you with whatever is necessary – from packing, to moving the items to the storage, to then taking them to the place you want. In order to organize all that, you just need to give us a call. Our team will ask you a few questions so they can give you a free quote. Once you agree on it, we can schedule everything and your items will have a place to stay at!