Packing & unpacking

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘moving’? Chances are you are picturing stuff boxes, loaded onto a truck and transported somewhere. But the truth is that this is not even the most difficult part of the move. Do you think moving is stressful? Do you consider it to be time-consuming? Why? Surely not because of the actual transportation.

In reality people are mostly frustrated by the fact that packing is not as easy as it sounds. When you learn that you need to move, and you actually get around to doing that, the thing that bothers you the most is actually packing your stuff. Too often people are tempted to drop any kind of preparation and consideration, and just cram everything into a dozen boxes, and then call it a day. But if you do that you will only be prolonging or postponing your frustration. Because unboxing will need to happen and with it comes a lot of stress as well.


Do you want to save yourself the stress of packing? What if we told you that there is an actual easy way to not even touch a single thing and still have a successful move? That’s done by requesting the services of H2H Packers and Movers Chicago.

Our packing professionals are here to lend you hand in your move. Even if you have a truck and you have organized the actual transportation, we can still help you with the packing. Did you know that there are actual packing techniques? And did you know that there are special boxes, which are designed for specific items? How much do you know about the quality of all the different packing supplies? Perhaps not a lot. But don’t worry, that’s what we are here for!


Because we want to provide a high quality service, we also train our movers in the art of packing. They learn little-known packing tips and tricks, which make them more efficient and your items are also safer for it.

When you call to request a quote, we may ask you about the different kinds of things that may require packing. Big and bulky furniture? No problem! Huge TV? We can take care of it! A giant collection of books? Not an issue in the slightest!

The workers of H2H Packers and Movers Chicago will come to your place and organize the entire packing. They will sort things room by room, making the unpacking process much easier as well. They will use high quality moving boxes, each designed to fit specific items. Smaller boxes are best for heavy items, while the largest boxes are reserved for bulkier, but lighter things (e.g. pillows, sheets, blankets).

When you get to your new place, our movers will also help you unpack everything and get it back in the way you want. Now isn’t that much easier than figuring out the entire move yourself and getting stuck at the packing stage?