Corporate relocation

Is there a more incredible feeling than seeing your business actually grow? From barely making the quarter to actually expanding the team and hiring new people? It is such an amazing thing that people are often surprised by the fact how fast their business outgrows their current working space. All of sudden you are in a situation where your employees don’t have enough space to be comfortable and you just can’t add another desk there.

However, a lot of business owners get stressed by the idea of moving. It is why a lot of them actually delegate the task to a manager, who will then be stressed because they are left on their own, having to deal with quite the big responsibility. That is why we from H2H Packers and Movers want to present you with a solution – our professional services. All the worries about relocating your business will be gone, because we will take care of all things moving!


You have moved at least a couple of time during your life. You know that even the simplest household relocation can turn into a disaster if there is now plan on how to actually accomplish that. And a household move is fairly simple in terms of logistics. What happens when you have to actually take care of a running business? You don’t have time to waste, you can’t miss your deadlines and you definitely don’t want to lose potential clients. That’s why every corporate relocation needs to be taken seriously. And we will do just that.

With our services you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands. All of the necessary preparations in regards to moving can be handled by our team of professional movers Chicago. They can disassemble your furniture, including desks, bookcases, cabinets, etc. To keep it short – we can do everything that feels stressful to you, so you can focus on getting your business back in order. And with us, that won’t be hard.


When you give us a call to request a quote, our professional team will request some important information in order to give you a fair price. If you agree to it, we will schedule your move on the date that works best for both parties. Even if you are pressed by time and you need us to handle the job as an emergency, we can do that!

Our movers will come and organize everything. They will pack all the electronics, cables, desks and everything according to the packing standards of our company. We are very strict about safe and efficient packing, which is why we also provide high quality packing supplies absolutely for free. With our special moving boxes, your items will be safe and sound.

Once everything is transported to your new place, our team will make sure that everything gets back the way it should be. Desks will be reassembled, and everything will be unpacked in an efficient and orderly manner, so you can get back to work in no time!