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H2H Packers and Movers

How many times do you think you will have to move during the course of your life? And what about office relocations? The truth is the sum total of these all can go well beyond 20. Can you imagine doing something 20 times, without actually knowing how to handle it at least a little bit? Well, that’s what most American actually do, when it comes to moving.

The truth is that whether we are talking about residential moving or office relocation, handling a move is a serious thing. It doesn’t just boil down to stuffing some items into a few boxes and then loading them on a truck. If you want it properly done, you will have to put in time and effort. And we are not talking about just getting the job done! The reality is that you will have to research how to pack properly, what boxes are the best for your items and how to actually disassemble that big sofa, so you can move it down the stairs, without scuffing the expensive upholstery.

As you can see, moving is not a simple job. That is why we from H2H Packers and Movers Chicago treat it as something more than that. To us providing a high quality moving service means to take care of all the aspects of your relocation. Do you value your peace of mind? So do we!


Have you ever been turned down by a moving company, when you say you only need to move your studio apartment up a few floors? That’s not uncommon at all! But maybe you’ve been turned down because you had a huge storage facility that needed to be relocated and there wasn’t a company willing to do the job? Don’t worry, we are always here for you!

We want to serve all the people of our community. That is why of other packers and movers Chicago turn you down, you can always come to us! No move can be too small or too big that we wouldn’t handle it. Our team of professionals is always ready to do your moving job instead of you. Just give us a call!


When you are researching any kind of company, it is natural to ask what exactly they can do for you. That is why we don’t want to make it hard for anyone to learn more about our services. You can check all of them in the menu above, or you can read our summary below!

Let’s start with the obvious. We are packers and movers Chicago, who will take care of your relocation. However, loading and transporting your items via a truck is just the start! Why also provide a variety of related services so you can indeed feel like you are getting the whole package!

Do you hate packing? We can do it for you! Our professionals know the special packing practices that make us such a great company! Do you also want them to set up everything once you are moved? Just say the word and your house will be ready to be moved into in no time!

We don’t mess around. You hire us, we do the job. From the smallest home relocations to the biggest corporate moves, H2H Packers and Movers is there to help you out!